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Edited Multi-Author Volumes

  • Special Issue of Journal of Political Science Education: Bringing Interactive Simulations into the Political Science Classroom, 9(2), co-edited with Drs. Victor Asal, Nina Kollars, and Amanda Rosen (2013).

Book Chapters

  • “War, Peace and Everything in Between: Simulations in International Relations,” co-authored with Victor Asal and Simon Usherwood, in  Handbook of Teaching and Learning in Political Science and International Relations, John Ishiyama, Will Miller, and Eszter Simon, eds, Edward Elgar Publishers, 2015.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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  • “Lost in Non-Translation: Politics of Misrepresenting Arabs.” Co-authored with Dr. Sally Gomaa. Arab Studies Quarterly 36(1) (2014).
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Scholarly Book Reviews

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